You’re Payment Service Provider

“Online services for accepting electronic payments, this is what all payment service providers are typically doing and we should not only thank them for making our life easier but also make sure that they are delivering what they promise (security) properly.”

Have you ever thought before making online payments how do they actually get transferred from your account to the merchants account? NO, I thought so neither did I at least till the time I had a discussion with a friend of mine who works in a e- commerce company, you know online websites from where you can buy stuff. He introduced me to the concept of “Payment service provider”, a company or a channel working as a middle man between the buyer and seller online of course. You must be thinking what I am talking about? Well it’s true our money doesn’t get transferred from one account to another magically but companies like Pay pal, Pay Point, Elavon, etc work as the middle men.

Did any of these names ring a bell? When we are making payments I mean actually putting down our account details and hit on “process” one of these name appears. So what do they really do? Characteristically a Payment service provider makes connection with multiple banks and credit cards etc and manage technical connections for them with various commercial sites for electronic transfer. Even in online banking payment service providers play the similar role.

We all know how e-commerce has grown over past few years, everyone is buying something or the other online and these payment service providers play a very important role in their success, they give us (Customers) a sense of security while making online transactions, they take the responsibility for our hard earned money so it is very important for us to understand their importance and functioning.

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Foreign exchange trading world

In foreign exchange trading, people play with money and countries, the world is their playground.

Foreign exchange trading business is one of the most important and widely spread works. The Foreign exchange market is the hub where financial centres of the world act as catalysts for various buyers and sellers dealing in foreign exchange. In this market comparative value of different currencies is dogged. Foreign exchange trading happens in high volume leading to even higher liquidity and has a very wide geographical spread.

People dealing in foreign exchange are generally very aggressive and always on foot kind of people and why not it is such a dynamic market. Almost all of us do a little foreign exchange trading in our lives and it is actually a really good experience however we don’t see or even care about the kind of efforts put in the backhand to make this process so easy for us. Everyday thousands of people working in this market do all the work to keep things stable and this exchange is the one keeping global transactions on move without any problem.

All the currencies in the world are a part of this foreign exchange but let me just pen down top three for you, any guesses which currency scored the highest, I think most of you actually did guess it’s our beloved “Dollar”, Euro and Yen to follow. Majority of exchange in the world happens in the US currency it is also known as the “Global Currency”.

Similarly the top three traders of foreign exchange are also very popular and known to majority of us.

• Deutsche Bank


• Barclays Capital

The importance of Foreign exchange trading can be calculated by just considering that country’s economic and political stability is directly related to it, any goof up in this trading can lead to big problems.

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Best Bank Interest Rates

Banks are the most important financial body and your life depends a lot on the functioning of the banks. The banks work on interest module and it become very important to find the Best Bank Interest Rates before associating yourself with any of the banks. If you end up choosing a bank that charges you high interest rates or clumsy customer service or an uncompetitive interest rates it will not only impact your business but your personal finances to a great extent.

However, the Best Bank Interest Rates is an abstract term. It depends a lot on the services and facilities of the bank. It is not always the exact number but the different options and flexibility you have in offering. As a practice all across USA you will find people who give ratings to the banks in the country. The markings are done on different parameters and if you find that someone has rated a 5/5 for a bank, it is most likely that it is marked for bank’s best deals they offer, the best bank loan ever, or the best bank interest rates that is available in the market.

The best bank interest rates work in favor for you because you will be paying lesser amount of money as interest as compared to other banks. Therefore, when you go out to look for deals in banks, do read all the documents carefully and about the interest rates they are charging and if any extra benefit they are offering to you.

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The three best forex trading robots

Ever heard about FAP Turbo? If you are involved in Forex trading and have ever used a trading robot, it is unlikely that you have not heard of this popular and one of the best Forex trading robots. This trading robot has some of the advanced facilities and automates itself on regular basis for updates and quick heals. It is not only the users who are confident about the best Forex trading robots, but the makers as well. This is the reason that they have offered a 60-day free trial version so that you use it for 2 months and if you like it, then only pay for it. There are very few cases where people have not bought this.

Another one in the category of best Forex trading robots is the Megadroid Robot. No one complains about the positive results about this trading robot. One main factor that has put this trading robot in the list of the best Forex trading robots is that it uses what is called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA). This facility directly allows the program to predict what is about to happen to the price of a currency pair in the immediate future-based on past results. This is truly an interesting observation. This technology has been proved to be high accurate in predicting the price movement and hence, making profitable trades for the Forex traders.

Many people still trade with the Ivybot, which was when launched, expected to be the next FAP Turbo. However, it did not really match the benefits and profits that the latter one offers to the customers; you will still put this in the list of the best Forex trading robots.

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